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The Need

In many parts of the world rural isolation only adds to the grinding burden of poverty. EWB-PSP has a chance to help break this cycle for a small community in Guatemala, by helping them build an elevated foot path over swampland that is impassible much of the year. Agua Dulce is a water-locked community of homes located outside Montericco along the Pacific coast. Although an idyllic spot in the dry season, during the wet season, this community becomes a collection of homes on individual islands as the waters box them in. The 300 residents, each living in wooden huts with thatch roofs and dirt floors, lack safe access to the rest of this part of the country.

Our Response

Through the Elevated Foot Path project, EWB-PSP will provide villagers an alternative route between their homes and the mainland. During the wet season, it will be a lifeline used by all villagers in the community for access to work, supplies, and medical care. We are fortunate that there is already strong Seattle area support for this project, both through the NGO, Guatemala Village Health, and the STEM program at Cleveland High School. The local community, along with a Guatemala based NGO, are also reliable partners in this effort.
EWB-PSP is helping the community work it's way through the 501 process for this project now, and expects to file a 502 application to take on the project soon. With this goal in mind, several key positions are available for interested volunteers. These include a soils engineer, and a construction liaison to work with a local firm that has been identified as having expertise in this type of construction.

Learn More & Get Involved!

To learn more about this project, please email  Check the Calendar page for our upcoming meetings!