About Our Chapter

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Contact Us

For general questions about the Puget Sound Professionals Chapter or this web site, please send an e-mail to secretary@ewbseattle.org.

You can also send us a question/comment using our Contact form here.


For specific questions, please email any of the following committee members by selecting their name:

Executive committee
President Sierra Gawlowski president@ewbseattle.org
President-Elect Max Magee president-elect@ewbseattle.org
Secretary Wenting Guo secretary@ewbseattle.org
Treasurer Adnan Khan treasurer@ewbseattle.org
Past-President Rowdy Roddick past-president@ewbseattle.org
Committee coordinators
Fundraising Ross Brazzale fundraising@ewbseattle.org
Membership Nick Zombor membership@ewbseattle.org
Projects Eric Koethe projects@ewbseattle.org
Publicity Brendan Gawlowski publicity@ewbseattle.org
Local Projects Beth Mende & Peter Brask local-projects@ewbseattle.org
Information Technology Robert Stumberger adminweb@ewbseattle.org
Student-Liaison Sophia Wilkinson psp-student-liaison@ewbseattle.org