Local Projects

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Rebuilding Together – April 29, 2017

Rebuilding Together Seattle is a local organization with a mission to transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes with an overall goal or revitalizing our community.

EWB teamed with ASCE to spend a day working to improve two houses in the Seattle region during the annual Rebuilding Together Seattle’s Spring Rebuilding day.

Volunteers completed a number of projects at two houses in the Colombia City neighborhood. The tasks consisted of painting and refurbishing bedrooms, repairing floor tiling and plumbing fixtures, cleaning roofs and gutters, pruning overgrown trees and changing electrical appliances.
Please join us next year for the Spring Rebuilding Day!

WestSide Baby– July 12, 2015

Westside Baby is a local organization that provides/distributes crucial necessities for babies such as cribs, diapers, car seats, and clothing that may otherwise not be affordable for their parents.  Since Westside Baby opened their doors, they have provided more than $14 million worth of free diapers, clothing and gear to more than 190,000 infants and children whose families face challenges meeting those basic needs.


On April 9,2015 WestSide Baby’s main facility in White Center experienced a small electrical fire which led to the organization to move the warehouse location.  EWB volunteers dedicated 4 hours on July 12th, 2015 to help get their new location ready for operation.  The work included such things as; painting, housekeeping, and simple construction projects.


Forterra Invasive Species Removal Day –October 25th 2015

Forterra is a local non profit organization that is dedicated to protecting, enhancing and stewarding our region’s most precious resources—its communities and its landscapes. 


Its goal is to provide powerful, practical and positive change by conducting land transactions, engaging communities and conceiving and advancing forward-thinking policies. Forterra’s work stretches from the farmland and river Canyons of Yakima all the way to the estuaries and forests of Washington’s coastline.

In the fall of 2015, EWB adopted a small parcel of land in Fall City through a larger network of land held by Forterra. Volunteers from EWB professional Chapter teamed together with University of Washington EWB Chapter for a day of work that included; trail maintenance, brush clearing, and mapping.